Friday, February 19, 2010

Dr Phil: Sugar Mamas and Smart Women! (February 17th)

I never watch Dr Phil. I didn't know what channel he came on or what time he came on. But I happened to turn the TV on this Wednesday evening after a day off of running erands, my radio interview etc. The first person I recognized on stage was the millionaire matchmaker who has been looking really good lately and has had the best of advice in all the interviews I have seen her in recently. I always viewed her show as a joke but nowadays, she sounds more like a life coach than an entertainer. I found out she recently got engaged and it all started to make sense. In teaching these girls about men, she had found love. Good for her. The basic principles are the same. It's just much more fun when you love the person. Incidentally, marriages in certain communities have nothing to do with love and more to do with mutual respect and a commitment. These actually statistically work better than countries where it is all about love and not much of anything else. Anyway, I digress.

The topic of the day on Dr. Phil: Sugar Mamas and Smart Women. I had no interest in the Sugar Mama part or so I initially thought but it was just figurative for women who are breadwinners apparently. I caught just the tail end of the discussion but it had me practically on the floor with laughter. Thankfully, most of the trascript is online as well as some clips. I was tempted to purchase the DVD or have them email me the whole transcript till I stumbled on enough of it on their website...I'd called for the price and all actually!

Under the main topic, they talked about When She's the Breadwinner. Some decide this really does not work. They have a clip about women and housework. There's a related article: Parity in Single-Income Families.

Then they talk about how you can be powerful and nurturing at the same time under Smart, Successful ...and Single. Here's a comedian's take on Dating in America! Hilarious!!! The accompanying article is Single and Sick of It?

Here's the part that got me the most: A video of Dr. Phil's producer and her criteria for men. The hilarious part is millionaire matchmaker's comment at the end. She was on the money. That comment made my week really since I'm still talking about it.

I hope you have the chance to read these highlights from the show and the clips. And I hope you are as tickled as I was and more importantly, that somebody learns something from this even amidst the jokes.
Later my people.


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