Thursday, February 11, 2010

Are you eagerly awaiting Valentine's day or dreading it?

Valentine's day! Ahhhhh. That day in the year set aside for celebrating love in a special way. Not like we shouldn't celebrate love all year round

I have heard several reasons why people dread it. Some people do not have a partner, be it a boyrfriend (or girlfriend) or spouse. Some have a spouse and are not in a good place and feel pressured into making it a lovely day even though they feel nothing like it! Some are just broke (valid reason!) and like Christmas, want the day to just go by fast.

On the other hand, some people have new love in their lives and cannot wait to see what the day will bring: flowers, candy, presents of all sorts...Some people are in a very good place in their marriage or relationship and truly eagerly await that day. Some people have trips planned to beautiful places...The list goes on.
While I cannot change whatever your situation is, I can maybe change how you view Valentine's day, if you are not feeling good about it right about now.

When I was in University in Nigeria, Valentine's day was always a big deal. People would get life size hand made cards from their boyfriends. Nice cakes were also common, fragrances, lingerie, etc. I remember there was a year where I had no boyfriend or anyone in particular who was trying to impress me or catch my attention. I believe it was one of those times when we had a long strike by the lecturers in the universities in Nigeria (Professors) and those of us who lived on the campus because our parents worked there were basically at home for an extended period. I got together with a few of my childhood friends in the same boat and we ordered ourselves a big cake, gave one another presents, and got together in one of our houses for a fun day. Honestly, that was one of the most memorable Valentine days ever for me. Ironic but true. That just goes to show we can make it anything we want it to be and it does not have to be colored by our circumstances which may not be perfect for our so called perception of Valentine's day. Don't let your happiness depend on someone else. Go ahead and make yourself happy. If there is something that you want that nobody is going to buy for you, go ahead and buy it for you! If you're broke, plan to spend your day with people who love and care about you and vice versa.

Please enjoy your weekend and have a fabulous Valentine's regardless of your immediate situation, because you can.

Love you all. Peace!



  1. Girl, you said it just right! Whatever the immediate situation is remember God's love. It's the greatest, nothing or no one's compares. Rest in it and it will bring peace. Happy Valentine..................

  2. "Don't let your happiness depend on someone else." I like that.