Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Two Decades Ago....

How many of us can remember exactly who we were fifteen or twenty years ago? I guess the more appropriate question would be "How many of us can relate to who we were fifteen or twenty years ago?" I'd like to think that even if we could remember, it would be hard for us to relate! That of course is a sign of personal growth.

There are very few people who are not much different from who they were back then. I say very few because we have the select minority of people who have always had their life together and made all the right decisions, right? Just a select few however. Hahaha. I can truthfully tell you I wasn't one of those. But I am grateful to God for how far he has brought me.

Unfortunately, some people really do look at you and see who you were twenty years ago. That's not only hilarious, it is stupid. And it really just proves those people who are comfortably stuck in the past like that are the ones that have not grown at all.

One of my friends, Pastor Flo, had a status update to that effect a few days ago on facebook. It essentially stated that if your memories are bigger than your dream, its a disaster. It was a quote by Jesse Dup. It was like he took the words right out of my mouth as I had intended to write a short note about this and just had not gotten around to it.

My wish for all of us is that our dreams and our destination are so much bigger than anywhere we've been that our memories though important are only a small fraction of what takes up our day. If our current situation and our dreams and aspirations remain big, we will not have the time to dwell so much on memories, especially negative ones.

Keep looking forward. Keep marching forward.



  1. Facebook comments:

    VJS: I've found that sometimes the expectation is that you've been in a time capsule... trapped in the past. Regretful of it, or clinging to it... like that's who you are. Baffles me every time. I'm like really? With all this wonderful living to be done who cares about what happened in the past? Live.Learn.Grow.Repeat :)

    Folake Taylor: I know that's right girl. I'm basically like: "Seriously!!!"

    OM: That wonderful advice! Acknowledging that certain periods in the past were better than the present can be just that though; an acknowledgement. The important thing is not to dwell on it but believe that your future will be brighter. You always have to open yourself up to the wonderful posibilities ahead...

    Folake Taylor: You are on point my friend...

  2. MHF: Well said! The journey God takes us on in life is for the purpose of our personal growth......With God, our personal development takes precedence over and above our level of comfort.....Our experiences, good & bad, help to shape us as we grow. We can't accept some of what life offers and reject the rest........Instead, we should embrace our experiences, recognizing that in the end we will be all the better having lived through them.

  3. Facebook comment:

    DO: Well said, Folake, as always!