Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Accuser

I probably knew this at some point in my life but I had forgotten. Today, my pastor reminded me that the word Satan means "the accuser". And it suddenly made sense. The devil will not come with horns, wearing a red and black outfit and spitting fire! He will use people to push your buttons, including accusing you of sins you have forgotten; sins you have been forgiven for. You need to rebuke the devil so he will flee from you.

The devil will attack us and try to bring us down when God is ready to blow us up. Are we going to let him? Guilt is not of the Lord. Counseling, therapy etc may help but cannot take away guilt. Only Jesus can. And once you are forgiven and you forget, nobody can condemn you or continue to make you feel guilty. I will not give up. I am not perfect and I never present myself as such but will continue to try my best each day. It is a daily walk and a daily struggle. We shall overcome.

AMEN Pastor David Cooper of Mt Paran Church Atlanta GA. He said and I quote: "God will forgive your sins but people never will." It is what it is. Get over it. Get back on your feet in victory and keep going people.

May God help us all to forgive, forget and not judge people, consciously or subconsciously. Please view today's sermon notes here:

God bless you.


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  1. AADJ: Hi Folake, thank you for sharing such a powerful message. I surely can relate to this. I believe we are our worse enemies, so hard on ourselves, when God has already forgiven us. I have no problem forgiving others, it's forgiveness of self, that is much more difficult. And the forgetting part, I'm still praying for that to happen!! Thanks again, and God Bless!~4realpoetess

    Folake Taylor: Thanks Antoinette. I'm glad you were inspired. Please check out my subsequent notes on my fan page


    Folake Taylor: Thanks Jude.