Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Holiday Season...

It's almost scary to think about for some, isn't it? You remember it's almost Christmas and you shudder. Why is that? Is it because you feel the need to buy present for all the kids in your life and some as well as a host of adults? Is it because there are so many festivities and food starting right about now that you add weight and you are concerned you will slip in your weight loss efforts? Is it because it's cold and dark and that sometimes gets your mood down in the dumps? Or do you have several family birthday in December like me which means your vehicle tag and tax are also up for renewal? Are you feeling blue because you were unable to keep to your new year resolutions at the beginning of 2010 and another year is about to roll in and you feel like a failure?

Whatever might be bothering you, take heart. There is still a light at the end of the tunnel. The rainbow will once again show its face. We need to strategize.

1) Christmas is not about spending money and presents primarily. It's about remembering the birth of Jesus. If you cannot afford expensive or multiple presents as you please, how about making something or offering service to someone as a Christmas present? How about a book? A nice book as a present still shows you care and makes the person feel better about themselves. The ability to make a person feel empowered at the end of the day would be good. How about The Only Way is Up by yours truly? All these issues are actually discussed in this book.

2) Concerning the tendency to overeat, you can resolve right now to be disciplined. If you need to tell yourself "food is the enemy" to make you stop at that sizeable portion, or skip that white bread, then do that. The Only Way is Up also has a chapter on nutrition, exercise, weight and health which chronicles the system that has worked for me and helped to reduce my cholesterol. And I promise it is not any heavy diet plan, it is all just basic principles.

3) If you're down because it's cold and dark a lot around this time of year, you'll need to get comfort from within, from God, and from company. We may not be able to change the season but we can change our reaction to it. Focus on the spirit of Christmas, togetherness, giving including giving of service and be thankful you are alive and for everything that is going well in your life.

4) If your expenses seem like they're coming at you like an airplane about to crash, take a deep breath and just take it one step at a time. Next year, start to plan earlier. Whatever is not a necessity needs to go. Make a list of wants and needs and go with the needs first. You might just find out at the end of the day that everything important has been taken care of and the world did not end because you did not get to the other column on your list.

5) If you missed your mark with New Year resolutions, start now. Don't wait till January 1st 2011 to start going to the gym, start eating healthy, start calling your parents regularly, start respecting your spouse, stop being difficult or argumentative, put more effort into your job, stop telling fibs, start going to church regularly, start volunteering, start paying tithe, stop buying a gazillion shoes in every color, or what have you. Once you identify the need to make that change, go ahead and make it. That way you don't set up January 1st to not have a chance at survival because of the impossible burdens you have put on that one day.

I discuss a lot of these issues in my book and yes, you have the name down by now, The Only Way is Up. And it truly is. It would make a perfect Christmas present for your loved ones. Please visit my website for more information on the book and pick up a discounted copy on The Kindle edition is even less expensive.

Christmas time should be a great time. Make it so. You have the power.



  1. O.O.O.: U are rite folake

    K.M.: Right on point Sista.

    A.A.:'De Ar', Methink it is more of the reality that its been 12 whole months tha the year rolled in and it is now again rolling out. A 12-month journey that never stop to puzzle us as humans when we think of how fast it starts and ends. I probably try to brush off the 'regret', as well as many do, if I couldn't really count or point to any major accomplishment. Even if we do not voice it, we always come to that quiet internal judgement or justification on good or otherwise the year had been. I lie?

    Folake Taylor: As long as we walk away from that introspective moment fired up to move forward, reagrdless of if we think we failed along the way. The key is to never give up. Some people tend to at this time of the year. Lol. They get overwhelmed.

    A.A.: Thats the beauty of the 'New' Year. Its a shot at a 'New' beginning, start over. Lol

    Folake Taylor: But we don't have to wait for the new year. We crowd it up with so much that we are almost sure to fail at half of them by the second month. As soon as you come to a realization about something, start to work on it. There is no need to wait on a magic date to start. Lol.

    A.A.:Beeni!! I am so so with you on that 'De Ar'

  2. Facebook comments:

    L.D.: Much practical advice. Now, if only I could put it into practice...especially the part about overeating (lol)...

    Folake Taylor: You are too funny. It's a daily battle. Lol.

    S.A.R.: Now here is a gift that keeps on giving. This book will make an awesome read and a gift for anyone...I would highly recommended if for a sister or a woman in your life... I only have it on hint hint clue clue...any of my FB friends wanna buy a hardcopy and gifting it to me...I am practicing being a receiver vs. always giving keeps one from becoming too conditional and used up....from giving too dang much and not being open or training go-getters to become go-givers as well...any how BUY THE BOOK AND GIFT IT TO YOURSELF...THAT'S IT.....THATS THE TICKET...!!!

  3. Facebook comments:

    M.W.: Very timely, thanks for sharing...

    P.E.: Thank F or sharing this profound piece, you said it all. Now I definitely have NO problem with eating as I am 100% dedicated to my eating lifestyle. However, I really need major help in the shoe department. Sigh, I'm praying, really hard F. Merry Christmas sweetie and your book is on my list as Christmas gifts. ♥ ♥

    A.A.: ...the part about nutrition, exercise, weight and health is essential for everyone...I really like the idea of loosing weight and keeping fit but the don't eat this and don't eat that, is REALLY hard...arrrggghhh!

    D.A.B.: Powerful piece! Thanks Folake for sharing, particularly on the overeating portion. We all have weight gain/loss as a daily struggle, but thank God we can all overcome by the BGG, and through the support of each other. To this effect, I rece...ntly started a Holiday Gain/Weight Challenge via

    Folake, kindly assist in passing the word along, to anyone struggling with this issue. Once they have registered for FREE on the above website, they can join my team called "A Healthier you for life." I welcome new members, let's learn from each other. God knows I need help too.

    Folake Taylor: Unfortunately for most of us, the weight things is a daily struggle. But you can get to a point (maintenance vs weight loss phase) where you can still eat even dessert if you want but in small amounts and not I had cake at a kid's birthday party yesterday and we do buy Jordan cake every now and again and we all eat it. But it's a treat and in SMALL amounts and not all the time is the key. Love you all. Thanks for your comments.