Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Stalking, Checking Your Partner's Voicemails and Emails, Snooping Around-All Signs of Low Self Esteem...

(Inspired by Frank Ski!)

Same as calling someone 20 times in a row! Even going through their phone for address book details and texts falls in this category. At most call twice and send 1 txt or IM. No more! Believe me, they got at least one of those. They're just ignoring you or legitimately busy in a meeting. Repeated calling etc chips away at your self esteem and gives the other power over you.

I can't vouch that I have never done some of these but I can vouch it will never happen again...And those were situations I didn't need to be in or I knew in my heart I needed to get out of. None of those situations has ever had a good outcome I can categorically say!!! Walk away with your self esteem intact please.

This came up on the Frank and Wanda Morning Show today and Frank echoed my attitude to this issue. I may frequently refer to radio shows I listen to just because I drive 3 hours daily!!!

If this person you are involved with cannot earn your trust, please leave, but with your self esteem intact.

If you are married to this person, because I am a Christian and I believe we should work hard at staying together, I will advise that you pray real hard about the situation, hold on to your self esteem and if the person is up to something, God will reveal it. Then you can deal with it and have the upper hand. When you come from the angle of having snooped around to find the information, they get on the defensive, angry and claim they did whatever anyway because they sensed your lack of trust and you end up having to first apologize for snooping.

Stay on your level and keep the upper hand. It's the better place to be!

What are your thoughts? Have a good day.

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