Thursday, November 1, 2012

"Be thankful child. Some folk just lost their homes to Sandy."

NJ Photo courtesy of Washington Times
As I picked my child up from after school today, she wanted to pitch a fit because I had no snack in the car for her. So, I had to set her straight. After all, some people just got displaced by the flood, as a result of Sandy. 

I make sure that I don't have a snack in my vehicle every single day, because the house is only 5 minutes away, and I don't want her to take things for granted, and stop appreciating treats. At 5 years old, she can wait five minutes. So, I quickly reminded her that if she didn't stop talking, her TV privilege would quickly follow and go poof.

As we got home, I turned on the TV to CNN for a 5 minute lecture. I normally don't let her watch the news, but this was a teachable moment. She saw enough. A couple who survived the storm and flooding, but stepped on a live wire while walking their dog. They both perished. A couple who had a mishap with their truck after surviving the initial storm. They both died, and their two kids survived, also in the truck. A man who died while helping someone who had a tree fall on their house. A volunteer firefighter from Connecticut who died in the line of duty. Then came the pictures of flooding, aerial views of whole streets still filled with water on the grid system, looking like little boxes of houses on water. 
Courtesy of Popdecay

By the time I switched the channel back to Smile of a Child, her favorite, she'd learned a new lesson, to be thankful that we are alive, Daddy, Mommy and Jordan. To still have our home, to have food, and to have electricity to watch TV. Those who were affected by the storm are not being punished, it's just life. And we are not better than them. That was the last I heard about her pouting.
Courtesy of Popdecay
We are thankful and feel blessed and our hearts go out to the victims of Sandy. We appreciate Chris Christie, President Obama, Mayor Bloomberg, FEMA, firefighters, the National Guard, the Police and all of the elected officials and volunteers working hard to fix this. Everybody has put politics aside on this. Well, almost everybody. Moving on. 

We pray for a speedy recovery. 



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  1. Well said, Folake. We all need to eat a slice of humble pie now and then. So much to be grateful for.

  2. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, Ogo. When things like this happen, it makes us really put things in perspective. And our so called problems really become minuscule in the whole scheme of things. Because those who are dead, or injured and in hospital, or displaced from their homes cannot worry about a snack right now, they can't even get back to school yet. I posted a picture of Jordan eating lunch at her school yesterday when I had lunch with her, and an FB friend who lives in NJ said they don't even have this kind of normalcy right now. There is a lot to be thankful for always, and we must reach out to those in need and help lift them back up.